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                                  1. Modular Operation Theatres
                                    Modular Operation Theatres

                                    Wall & Ceiling Systems
                                    Modular wall systems are designed for clean rooms. They have silver ion coating for optimal protection against micro-organisms. Because of their design, upgrades can be quickly & cleanly implemented. Materials for the wall systems can be individually selected. Available materials are galvanised painted steel plate, silver ion coated steel plate, stainless steel, and silver ion coated stainless steel High Pressure Laminate (HPL).

                                    Antistatic & conductive special flooring for the most stringent requirements ensures that in permanent modular operation theatre electro static discharge

                                    Modular Operation Theatres

                                    takes place and, at the same time, protects personnel. Surfaces are watertight and closed surfaces with vapour barriers. Thermal welding of closed seams, as well as socket strips from flooring, provides a tight, tube-like, leak-proof floor surface.

                                    Homogeneous, highly compressed dense layers ensure permanent resistance to static and moving loads.

                                    Hygienically integrated lamps (Area Lighting)
                                    The hygienically integrated lamps (Protection Class IP 65) are equipped with single pane laminated safety glass as well as aluminium frame. Individually adjustable reflectors provide illumination where it is needed.

                                    From the Initial idea all the way to a Turnkey Solution
                                    We will be happy to advise and support you with your upcoming construction projects. Our range of services includes layout planning, technical planning of individual projects, construction, manufacturing, installation and start-up. This allows our customers to select among our entire spectrum of services or individual projects.

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