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          2. Recommended Calibration Intervals
            Recommended Calibration Intervals

            The accuracy of the electronic components used in all instruments drifts over time. The effects of time in service as well as environmental conditions add to this drift. At some point, the drift causes the instrument's uncertainty to become undefined, meaning the manufacturer no longer can predict the uncertainty and can no longer guarantee measurement results. Hence a routine/periodic check needs to be carried out after a fixed time slot preferably six months.

            Ask for comprehensive Q-CALTM Package


            We make life easier for you by

            Performing on site calibrations

            Calibrating most types and brands of instruments

            Calibrating all parameters critically related to instruments and lab

            Keeping track of re-calibration dates, so we can call ahead of time, and schedule convenient and timely re-calibrations

            storing critical information about your equipment in our databases, so that your data is well managed

            Ensuring that the calibration certificates produced by the laboratory are in accordance to ISO requirements

            Shivani's expertise will optimize performance of your equipment

            Expert preventive maintenance of your equipment extends its useful life and helps you to achieve a good results. As the original designer and manufacturer of the equipment, Shivani has the expertise to make the necessary adjustments or repairs so that your instruments performance is upto the mark.


            Backed by a large engineering department and skilled scientific team

            All measurements are traceable to National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) standards

            All staff are factory trained

            All methods are documented

            New generation instruments used for calibration

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