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        • Groupwise

          Ketan - Digital Heating Block
          Digital Heating Block

          The "Digi Block" Test Tube Warmer that is popularly known as "Heating Block" has been indigenously developed to provide low dry heat. The unit maintains accurately the predetermined temperature. The value of set temperature is totally user settable and its value is indicated digitally on the front panel of the temperature controller.

          This versatile Test Tube Warrmer provides controlled dry heat for a wide variety of clinical and general chemistry applications. Our new design offers unparalleled accuracy, reproducibility and flexibility in applications. It has unique microprocessor based Digital Temperature Controller.


          It has FULLY STAINLESS STEEL - 304 BODY. The blocks are interchangeable and can be designed as per user specifications. The blocks are made of aluminum which is anodized and are autoclaveable.

          HIGH LIGHTS:

          Digital Microprosser Based Proportional Temperature Controller.

          Fully s.s. - 304 And Compact Construction.

          Interchangeable Blocks.

          Blocks Are Autoclavable.

          Stainless Steel Construction

          Digital Microprocessor based Proportional Temperature Controller

          Interchangeable Blocks

          Blocks are autoclavable

          Digi Block Model No.:Dg18

          3 Quantity's of Blocks

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