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                            • Groupwise

                              MTG - MVE / IBP Cryocan
                              MVE / IBP Cryocan

                              The ET Series is the realization of precision robotic manufacturing, new technology and MVE's signature quality. With over one year in development, MVE has carefully created a farm tank that maintains LN2 for an 8-12 week duration visit cycle. Each component has been carefully engineered to produce a global low-cost tank while maintaining the consistent quality necessary to carry the MVE name.

                              3d老北京预测Statistical process controls and robotic welding and wrapping techniques allow MVE to match performance to price, while durability and function remain the same.

                              MVE / IBP Cryocan

                              3d老北京预测The smaller ET Series units are distinguished by the orange flip-lid, and utilize the composite and steel SuperCan. The SuperCan accepts the 35mm goblet and has space for a goblet-puller. The ET 40-6 and the ET 40-10 both have black lids and steel canisters.

                              High-Strength aluminum alloy structure, light empty weight

                              Hinged handle, portable

                              Encoding canisters, for easy recognition and convenient accessing of samples

                              Protecting jacket, portable and preventing collision

                              Lockable cover (optional), protecting biological samples stored (except 30mm caliber)

                              Multi-layer thermal isolation design, more than five-year vacuum quality guarantee

                              Lab 30 and Lab 50

                              User Manual

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