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                              2. Groupwise

                                Eppendorf - Nikon with ICSI Micromanipulator
                                Eppendorf - Nikon with ICSI Micromanipulator

                                Celltram Air

                                Manual micro injector for pressure control, micro injection and liquid dispensing

                                Maintenance and liquid dispensing

                                Universal capillary for mounting on to all common micromanipulators

                                Optimized resolution for holding suspension cells

                                Celltram Oil

                                Maximum pressure of 20,00 hPa

                                Suitable for manual microinjection of liquids (e.g. DNA)

                                Nikon with ICSI Micromanipulator

                                Quick Valve system for simple, rapid filling

                                Biological compatibility ensured by embryo-tested oil


                                For holding suspension cells (e.g. oocytes or blastocysts)

                                15μ inner diameter

                                100μ outer diameter

                                35˚ tip angle

                                Sterilized by validated gamma irradiation


                                For sperm / human cell injections

                                4μ inner diameter

                                7μ outer diameter

                                35˚ tip angle

                                3 types differentiated by the length and shape of angled flange

                                TransferMan NK2 Application

                                Micromanipulations of suspension cells


                                Biopsy technique including PGD

                                Nuclear transfer

                                Pronuclear injection and ES transfer

                                Twin-Tip Holder for special manipulators techniques

                                TransferMan NK2 Product Features

                                Integrated coarse and fine manipulator with proportional control via central joystick

                                Programmable Z-axis limit for defined injection level avoids capillary breakage

                                Automated home function for rapid capillary exchange

                                Storage of 3 independent work positions

                                Can be adapted to all common microscopes

                                TransferMan NK2

                                User Manual

                                Coming soon

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