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                                Supraclean - Andrology Workstation
                                Supraclean - Andrology Workstation

                                The laminar flow devices are used to provide aseptic environment for the medical devices to maintain the clean environment. These are made to meet clean air as per the requirements with help of filtration, illumination, Noise and Vibration. Laminar Flow Units are available with Vertical air flow arrangement.



                                Laminar Cabinets are made of Mild Steel coated with rust resistant epoxy powder coating for the outside body and Filter assembly. The Main Table and working area is completely made up of Stainless Steel SS304 grade.

                                The main function of laminar flow cabinets has two time filtration of atmospheric air which is blown through High efficiency particular air filter popularly known as “HEPA” having accurate performance rating as high as 99.99% with cold DOP and 99.97% with hot DOP thus retaining all air-borne particles of size 0.3 micron and larger resulting in ceasing all air borne molecule or particle in this filter. Technically balanced blower provides good amount of Air Flow on the full surface of HEPA filter . This blower is fitted with ¼ H.P. Motor and operates at minimum noise.

                                Size - Inside working area:

                                Complete Made Of Stainless Steel With Acrylic Sheet Door & U.V. Germicidal Lamp Sturdily constructed in rustproof, heavy gauge Mild Steel body for outside cabinet and Filter assembly and Stainless Steel SS304 for working table/bench.

                                Workmanship & Finish:

                                All metal parts shall be finished smooth all over and shall be free from burrs, cracks or other manufacturing defects. All sharp edges and corners shall be slightly rounded. The screw threads shall be well and evenly cut and all threaded parts shall fit firmly without play. Epoxy Powder coated finish. All brass parts are chromium plated over nickel.

                                Inspection and Testing Procedure:

                                The laminar flow cabinets are tested at various stages for ensuring the conformance to the specified requirements. The raw material is inspected at the receipt stage and only conforming material is passed to the receipt stores. The in-process inspection is carried out at all stages so that the finished product after the assembly conforms to the specified values. The finished product is tested for the various performance parameters as specified in the quality assurance plan.

                                Supraclean Plus Laminar Flow 2' X 2 ' (SPL22)

                                Supra Clean Plus Laminar Flow 3' X 2 ' INTEGRATED(SPL32I) - KT6511

                                Frame Grabber Cord

                                02 pin wire connector for 12V DC supply

                                03 pin wire connector for 230V AC supply

                                stage glass (froasted & plain glass)


                                UV tube

                                Fluorescence Tube

                                Microscope screws (as per microscope)

                                Clamp for microscope power supply unit

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