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          • Functionwise

            OCTAX - polarAIDE TM
            OCTAX - polarAIDETM

            OCTAX polarAIDETM is the solution for routine spindle and zona analysis in the IVF lab. Oocytes´ quality is evaluated by polarAIDE´s unique “automatic zona scoring”. An innovative tool identifies the oocyte´s zona pellucida and measures its birefringence properties. Data are converted into a quality score based on OCTAX´s validated and patented algorithm. Analysis is done fully automatic and user independent and takes only a few seconds per oocyte. Use our cutting edge technology to identify the most promising oocytes resulting in the best embryos for transfer.

            Fast and easy spindle and zona pellucida imaging

            Validated quality assessment of oocytes by unique zona scoring

            Based on "IVF-proven" OCTAX modular platform for cost effective upgrading


            Quantification of the birefringence of the zona pellucida

            Automatic scoring of the developmental potential of oocytes in seconds

            Orientation-independent live imaging of the meiotic spindle

            Simultaneous view of oocyte morphology and spindle

            Self-calibrating, no active calibration required

            One button instant on/off function for convenient use

            Spindle imaging under normal light intensity (bright field)

            OCTAX polarAIDETM

            USB cable

            User Manual

            Software CD

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