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                    1. Functionwise

                      OCTAX - cytoScreen TM
                      OCTAX - cytoScreenTM

                      OCTAX cytoScreenTM the smart solution for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically selected Sperm Injection (IMSI). High magnification microscopy involving real-time digital enhancement of the image is used to improve treatment results in critical ICSI cases. Selecting for sperm without vacuoles and normal head shape and morphology has repeatedly been reposted to improve pregnancy rates and reduce miscarriage rte in selected patient groups.

                      OCTAX cytoScreenTM3d老北京预测 is compatible with conventional relief or Hoffman’s contrast condensers and avoids the need to invest in DIC (Differential Interference Contrast)


                      optics.Combining a 60x "dry" objective with our OCTAX high resolution USB2.0 camera provides excellent image quality and disburdens you from cleaning oil immersion objective after every procedure.

                      Easy handling, no cleaning,

                      Microscopic stage Works with or without heated glass plate

                      Sharpness of the image Good due to combination of selected high resolution optical components

                      Improved through digital image processing of the live video

                      Total magnification > 7,000 x with intermediate magnification 1.6 x on the screen

                      Analysis of sperm Feasible without any restriction

                      Head shape and vacuoles

                      Glass bottom dishes are recommended; plastic dishes can be used

                      Compatibility Can be mounted to most current inverted microscope models used for ICSI

                      OCTAX cytoScreenTM

                      USB cable

                      User Manual

                      Software CD

                      USB 2.0 Camera


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