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                        1. Functionwise

                          Fornax - Lab + Guard (LG 300 i & LG 300 p)

                          The Lab+Guard is developed to improve the laboratory air quality making it nearly equal to clean air. Thus replenishing and subsequently nourishing the entire laboratory, making it safe for the sensitive procedures to be executed. This is achieved by a number of inclusions and their applications all of which are simple, cost effective and user friendly.

                          The positive pressure system uses the basic principle of “Over Pressure or positive pressure in a room which restricts the entry of outside air”. This is achieved by absorbing the circulating air outside the IVF Lab (room) and then subsequently passing the same with positive

                          Fornax -  Lab + Guard (LG 300 i & LG 300 p)

                          3d老北京预测pressure through of 4 stage filters which reduces the CFU count, eliminates the SPM, VOCs and CACs thus making it quite IVF friendly. Thus ultimately the effective circulating air in the IVF lab reaches near to a clean air status.

                          Lab + Guard system contains a unique 4 stage filtration system containing prefilter, Hepa filter and unique blend of activated carbon and alumina,which ensures wide variety of gases and particulate contaminants are oxidized or are absorbed

                          He unique design & concept of positive pressure system not only reduces VOC content in air but also the CFU count in IVF lab

                          Unique automatic indication system informs user as to when the filter needs to be changed

                          Lab guard pressuring Model gives possibility of fresh air intake and positive pressure in the IVF lab

                          Lab + Guard has Two Model- lab + Guard i (indoor) and lab + Guard p (pressurizing)

                          LG300i 100 120 VOLTS 60Hz

                          LG300i 220 240 VOLTS 50Hz

                          LG300p 100 120 VOLTS 60Hz

                          LG300p 220 240 VOLTS 50Hz

                          SCOPE OF SUPPLY

                          LAB+ guard unit (FX2046) Backware impellet type

                          Pre Filter: synthetic PU

                          Hepa Filter: Efficiency 99.97%@0.3 microns

                          Unit Capacity: 350 CFM

                          Recommended area: Maximum 300 Sq.Ft.

                          Filter Alarm: Automatic visual indication

                          VOC filter: Unique blend activated carbon and Alumina

                          Power Concumption: (0 Watts maximum

                          OPTIONAL: Filter replacement Spare Filter set ( all 4 stage filters) (FX 2047)

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