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                    • Functionwise

                      Fornax - Spermfuge

                      Spermfuge is an improvised centrifuge, dedicated totally for elevating the total motile sperm recovery from the parent semen sample, by regulating the main parameter of "Temperature" thus aimed at enhancing the ART results. The instrument has been designed to regulate and subsequently maintain the "Critical" inner chamber temperature before, after and during centrifugation. By regulating the temperature throughout the centrifugation, spermfuge improves sperm motility and longevity when compared to a non-temperature regulated centrifuge, thus increasing the effectiveness of the sperm wash procedures. Also spermfuge may improves semen samples from infertile men with high seminal ROS.


                      Centrifugation commences only after the set temperature is attained and or set G Force is attained

                      Facilitates the selection of 9 programs for different procedures like 40%, 95% or swim up or for two media systems Quin’s & Vitrolife or for two embryologists

                      Facilitates the selection of 3 modes in acceleration and braking – slow, medium & fast, so as not to disturb the pellet

                      It has a swing out rotor head to accomadate 8 tubes maximum of 15 ml, the selection of which can be done on screen with the help of the encoder.

                      Presence of safety interlock which prevents accidential opening once the rotor is operational

                      The Spermfuge is virtually maintenance free since it utilizes brushless AC drive motor

                      Spermfuge has now also added sealed buckets as optional accessory to avoid aerosol contamination

                      Spermfuge SF800 220 240VOLTS 50Hz

                      Spermfuge SF800 100 120VOLTS 60Hz

                      Spermfuge SF800 - 1 no.

                      Mains power cord - 1 no.

                      Test tube holders - 8 nos.

                      15 mm Spacers for 6 ml test tube - 8 nos.

                      User Manual - 1 no.

                      Allen key - 1 no.

                      Door lock release rod - 1 no.

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