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                            Nunc nunc-logo

                            Quality is the Key to Reliable IVF
                            Full range of medical devices for Assisted Reproductive Techniques.

                            Nunc IVF products from Thermo Scientific (dishes, tubes and pipettes) are specifically designed and manufactured for yours fastidious. They are IVF grade products (MEA tested, LAL tested, HSSA tested and AMES tested for embryo- cytotoxicity, endotoxins, mutagenicity and they are CE marked, FDA Chared, ISO 13485, STERILE (SAL 10-6) USP Class).


                            NUNC IVF Multidish (4 Well Non - Treated) - 179830

                            NUNC IVF MULTIDISH (4 WELL TREATED) - 144444

                            NUNC 35 x 10 IVF Petridish (Non - Treated Vents) - 150255

                            NUNC 60 x 15 IVF Petridish (Non - Treated Vents) - 150270

                            NUNC 90 x 17 IVF petri dishes - 150360

                            NUNC ICSI Dish - 150265

                            NUNC Center Well Dish - 150260

                            NUNC 11 ml Centrifuge tube - 137860

                            NUNC 1.8ml Cryo tube - 177280

                            NUNC 14 ml Round Bottom Tube - 150268

                            NUNC 5 ml Pipettes - 159625

                            NUNC 1ml Pipettes - 159609

                            Tips (2-200µl) Thermo - Micro pipette tips

                            Tips (200 -1000µl) Thermo - Micro pipette tips